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Adoptable Animals



Corgi Chihuahua mix approx 12 lbs..

This Happy Go Lucky Boy is just at 1yr old. Willies high energy and a cuddler all in one.



Mix - 15lbs -  10yrs old

This poor boy lost his Daddy and would do really well with an older person who just wanted to hang out and feed Rufus treats..Did I say he Loves treats..

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Mix - 10-12 lbs - 5 yrs old

Puppers Needs alot of attention, he has some behavioral quirks when left alone. Puppers just wants a lot of Love.

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Boom-Boom (Boomer)

Chiweenie - 1 yr old

Boomer is a bit skittish until he gets to know you, but once he does you'll have the most loving best friend for life.

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Want more information on our adoptable Animals?

To find out more information on any of our adoptable animals or to find out how you can help please visit our "Contact Us" page and submit an inquiry.

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